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Holidays in Spain: Cheap flights from most of the European towns and affordable accommodation make it possible. Costa del Sol in shoulder season? It's great!

Cheap Holidays In Spain – Málaga

    Costa del Sol, Spain

    Costa del Sol in Spain was for me synonymous with a built-up coast full of skyscrapers, retired Brits and Germans and overcrowded beaches. But again I had to revise my prejudices.


    Málaga, Costa del Sol


    After a house sit of two weeks in the foothills of the Andalusian mountains and a tour to Granada (I’ll write later about that) and over the beautiful Sierra Nevada old mountain pass road we spent just one night in the car-free center of Málaga. That was a mistake, it was too short! As in other busy city centers, you must be aware of pickpockets.


    Car-free shopping zone, Málaga

    What a handsome, ancient nucleus of a town with the cleanest port I’ve ever seen and a vast stretch of beach just a short walk from the main shopping area.

    Port close to the beach

    The town is overlooked by the castle of Gibralfaro which sight we first enjoyed from the flowery gardens aligning the promenade and streets of the city before we climbed up the steep path up to the ancient building. Luckily there was a city bus to take us down again to the center.

    Castle of Gibralfaro, Málaga


    Flower Gardens of Málaga

    Jacaranda trees adorned several streets of Málaga and were full in bloom while the fallen blossoms tinted the pavements in pretty lilac.

    Jacaranda Tree

    We had a good hand this time in finding suitable accommodation – a most comfortable, self-catering apartment, luxury decorated, quiet and most central. A bargain for what it offered. (Apartamentos Las Flores)
    Only one thing went almost wrong during our travels in Andalusia, Spain: Cheap car hire places may attempt to try to rip you off with improper access claims. Take care and rather take a more established, internationally known company (never – I mean NEVER – take Firefly! I’ve never experienced such indecent and unfair treatment as by this company before).

    Arena del Toro

    As flights from most cities to Málaga are very cheap, it’s a great place for a few days in the sun, relaxing at the beach and some cultural incentives. Public transport is great and if you stay only for a few days you don’t need a hired car anyway. It’s a fun place especially in shoulder season, as it might be otherwise too busy – but maybe you just love that.

    Flights to Spain and its islands are cheap. Why not find out about the beautiful island of Lanzarote!


    Fashion show for … retirees?, Málaga


    Horse Cart, Málaga


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